The Wishlist

Being a ‘retro’ race, acquiring all the items needed to comply with the race rules is not as simple as walking into a chandlery and ordering them! I may not take any electronic items on board at all, with the exception of a digital camera (as long as it does not have GPS capability!) So I’m asking friends and interested people to scratch around in their storerooms and see if they have any of the following that they would be prepared to lend me or donate to the project?

  1. A sextant and sight reduction tables. (Done! Thanks so much Frans Loots!)
  2. Walker trailing log. (Done! Thanks, Alasdair Musselwhite and Stuart Kirk!)
  3. A chronograph wrist watch
  4. A chronograph ship’s clock. (Done! Thanks to Anita Bagshaw for the amazing Smiths Astral clock!)
  5. SSB/HF radio
  6. HF Weatherfax receiver
  7. Barograph

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