Royal cape yacht club and the GGR2022


Last night during a press conference at RCYC, Don McIntyre, Race Director of the Golden Globe Race 2022 announced a new partnership between GGR and Royal Cape Yacht Club. Appearing online from France, Don announced that RCYC will be the GGR hub for three weeks as they receive film drops from competitors for this iconic 1968 inspired retro race. The new course includes 4 compulsory film drop points where sailors will share their incredible experience. In the last race, the competitors had to go around two compulsory rounding marks: Lanzarote and Hobart. This year, the course has been modified with two additional marks: Cape Town in South Africa and Punta del Este in Uruguay. The skippers will be able to drop their recorded videos and photos at these four gates without getting in contact with anyone and without docking. The exact position of the mark will be announced via the official Golden Globe Race channels in due course. During the press conference RCYC members and press bid farewell to two SA participants, Jeremy Bagshaw and Kirsten Neuschafer who will depart Cape Town within the next week for the start of the GGR2022. Should either of them bring back the Golden Globe, it will be a first for South Africa.

Thank you to the Royal Cape Yacht Club for hosting the media event for Jeremy and Kirsten.

Team Olleanna

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