Radio chat with Jeremy 12.11.2011

A radio chat with Jeremy. Kirsten was also on the call and the two of them had another conversation after we got all the messages

Radio chat with Jeremy bagshaw – 10.11.2022

Jeremy is enjoying celestial navigation, staying determined, and looking forward to getting to the southern ocean as soon as possible. We have another chance to

Radio chat with Jeremy 2.11.2022

Jeremy is coming into Cape Town as part of the race rules to do a film drop (although he has been experiencing issues with his

19 June 13:38 – Pigeons and statues

As the saying goes, some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue! Today is definitely a statue kind of day! We’re thumping

17 June – Horta-lotta-ups-and-downs

I was feeling a bit despondent yesterday with the thought of total calm today and then a walloping on the way into Horta but, although

15 June: So near and yet so far?

Overnight the wind just disappeared and left us wallowing. Déja vu all over again? So it’s me and Olleanna racing thousands of bluebottle type floating

13 June – 09:10 EAST!

The good news for me is that from around midnight, local time, the wind started to veer into the SE and then to the S.

Friday, 10 June 12h00 UTC

It’s very seldom that a sailor is able to just point his boat at the place he wants to sail to and arrive there by

7 June – On moving North

One thing that happens as one spends time at sea, is that one becomes far more aware of, and in tune with the sky, the

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