4 June: Ellen 1, Watson -1

When it got light enough to see outside this morning, I had a flash of déja vu. My rigging looked as if Olleanna had spent

31 May – Hello from Boris

I think I can safely say we’re through the doldrums now. We’ve had 30 hours of 15-20 knot NE wind allowing me to set a

29 May – Sargasso Sunday

Today marks exactly a month at sea since I left Cape Town and what a wonderful month it’s been. The contrasts between the cold sea

28 May – the last few days

I’ve had another wet and wild night and another beaut of a day. And now it’s quite calm outside but pouring with rain! I’ve done

25 May – early evening.

What a wonderful world. This time last night it was pitch dark with not a star visible through the clouds, rain squalls were hitting us

25 May – The last 24 hours

They told me the ITCZ would be frustrating but this! 0-30 knots, SE to NW winds and a sea that has no idea which way

May 23 – no wind, no rain

I’m in zone UTC -1 for ship’s time now so my sunset is approx 3 hours after yours. And looking at the nautical almanac, I