29 May – Sargasso Sunday

Today marks exactly a month at sea since I left Cape Town and what a wonderful month it’s been. The contrasts between the cold sea water in the Cape autumn and where I currently am in the Northern hemisphere spring, but still in the hot, moody tropics is incredible and I have many observations about

28 May – the last few days

I’ve had another wet and wild night and another beaut of a day. And now it’s quite calm outside but pouring with rain! I’ve done the rain-catching, the sun sights, the attempted fishing and am journeying through “Sailing to the reefs” with Bernard Moitessier. His writing is such a tonic and to be currently sailing

25 May – early evening.

What a wonderful world. This time last night it was pitch dark with not a star visible through the clouds, rain squalls were hitting us from different directions packing winds of around 30 knots and I simply couldn’t sail a course remotely close to where I was aiming. Tonight I’m sitting in the cockpit in

25 May – The last 24 hours

They told me the ITCZ would be frustrating but this! 0-30 knots, SE to NW winds and a sea that has no idea which way to organize itself! I’m trying not to use my engine at all, but I may be reduced to that, or tears! The solid blue line is the course I want

25 May – E stands for…. Equator and C for chocolate muffins

Well, today’s been a strange old day! Early this morning I saw the first ship that I have seen in almost 3000 miles and also the first dolphins in almost as many miles. I woke up with a start at around 03h00 as I realized that I had not switched on my radar alarm after

May 23 – no wind, no rain

I’m in zone UTC -1 for ship’s time now so my sunset is approx 3 hours after yours. And looking at the nautical almanac, I see your sunset this evening would have been around 18h30 your time and mine is 18h00 UTC + my 20°W so 19h20 UTC which would be almost 21h20 your time.

Celestial Navigation – a note from Frans

A note from Frans Loots, Jeremy‘s team manager and friend. They have known each other since 1980 when Jeremy was a timid young first-year law student at the (then) University of Port Elizabeth and Frans was in his third year. Frans is an incredibly experienced and talented sailor in his own right with numerous South

17 May – no food wasted

I’ve had two days of very light airs that at best could be described as relaxing! The breeze has been back since about 03h00 and it’s now 15-20 SE. lekker sailing. I haven’t touched the tiller or a sail for 30 hours now since gybing onto port yesterday morning. Caught up on reading and cooking!

About that beer (NOT stopping at St helena)

….. An update from Jeremy Well, the St Helena arrangement didn’t work out. Understandably, the Harbour Master is not keen to have the citizens go out to meet boats that a) haven’t been cleared in and checked and b) aren’t sticking around to be checked? I understand the concerns as this opens ways for people

13 May – closing in on St Helena

To beer or not to beer? Jeremy is doing good speed overall, especially considering the light wind over the first 3 days. A snapshot of his last updated position and speed just after midnight.

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