Jeremy's extended wish list

Being a ‘retro’ race, acquiring all the items needed to comply with the race rules are not not as simple as walking into the chandlery and ordering them. He may not take any electronic items on board at all, with the exception of a digital camera (as long as it does not have GPS capability). 

Jeremy is asking friends and interested people to scratch around in their storeroom and see if you have any of the following that they would be prepared to lend or donate to Jeremy’s GGR2022 trip. 

The wish list to assist and get Jeremy 100% ready for the starting line.

In addition to the retro equipment needed, the race also requires specific training, safety gear and additional equipment to get participants prepared for the race.

Individuals or companies that want to get involved in sponsorship opportunities or simple donations are invited to get in touch.

The items already organised and sorted:

  1. A sextant and sight reduction tables (✔️ Done! Thanks so much Frans Loots)
  2. Walker trailing log (✔️ Done! Thank you Alasdair Musselwhite and Stuart Kirk)
  3. A chronograph wristwatch
  4. A chronograph ship’s clock (✔️ Done! Thanks to Anita Bagshaw for the amazing Smiths Astral clock)
  5. SSB/HF radio (✔️ Done! Thanks to Allan & Jodi Lawrence)
  6. HF Weatherfax receiver (✔️ Done! courtesy of eBay)
  7. Barograph (✔️ Done! on loan from Alasdair)
  8. Training courses

    STCW 95 A-V1/4-2 Medical care $615/R9000
    STCW 95 Survival at sea $615/R9000

    (✔️ self-paid R18 000)

  9. Guy Cotten TPS Survival Suit (✔️ JJ Provoyeur)

There is also an opportunity for an overall sponsor.

Interested? Send us a mail.

Jeremy as well as his boat Olleana, will get a massive amount of coverage during the race.

GGR2018 received $185m worth of PR through the year long race playing out to a global audience. If you want to use this opportunity for GLOBAL EXPOSURE, get in touch. A great opportunity for any business, especially a South African one. 

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