The Race

The race is essentially a ‘retro’ event and the boats that the competitors may use have to conform to some basic design traits in order to keep the event true to it’s format.

  • The LOA (or Length Overall) has to be between 32’ and 36’ (9.75m and 10.97m)
  • It must have a full keel (as opposed to a fin keel) and the rudder must be attached to the trailing edge of the keel.
  • The boat must be constructed from GRP (Fibreglass)
  • It must have been designed before 1988 and 
  • It must have been a production boat (more than 20 must have been built).
Photo courtesy: Golden Globe Race

There are a few other technical restrictions preventing modifications, weight reduction and the use of advanced materials like carbon fiber. The interior must keep to the basic layout of the original design but the building in of a watertight ‘crash bulkhead’ is encouraged.

The planned race course:

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