non-stop, around the world. alone.

It is not a race for the faint hearted.  The Golden Globe Race is a non-stop, solo, retro race around the world. 30 000 miles with no outside assistance and only “old school” navigation and equipment allowed.

RESULTS: On Jeremy finished the GGR2022 on 9 June 2023, 2nd in Chichester Class.
He showed incredible perseverance after some of the most demanding storms and testing weather.

Jeremy spent 278 days at sea (much longer than anticipated due to a few challenges) and ran out of fresh water before arriving in LSO with 1.5kg of rice left and a small a bag of pasta.

A South African entry for
GGR2022 and a lifelong sailor

“I was introduced to sailing by my father when I was about six years old and have been sailing ever since.  I have sailed all over the world and have done many races, crossings and deliveries, but this race will be my biggest challenge yet.” – Jeremy Bagshaw.

This race is just something I can't refuse to do.

Jeremy has over 100,000 nautical miles experience, with more than 70% as Skipper, on a large variety of yachts in some of the most treacherous waters on the planet. This experience has been gained, not in an accelerated training course, but through putting in many hard miles, learning from some of the best yachtsmen in the country and around the world. 

The majority of Jeremy’s sailing has been done along the East and West coasts of South Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean but also coastal Argentina and Chilean Tierra del Fuego. He’s crossed the South Atlantic, North Atlantic and Indian Oceans and sailed in the Mediterranean and the Baltic, which which will give him invaluable experience to take on an event like the Golden Globe Race, GGR2022.

The Skipper

Jeremy started sailing as a kid. Participating in a solo race around the world is an obvious choice for him.

The Race

The Golden Globe Race - sailing like it's 1968. stepping back to the Golden Age of solo sailing. It is a solo retro race around the globe.

The Boat

Jeremy will call this OE32 home for 200 plus days as he travels the globe. It will not be the first GGR Olleanna will undertake.

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“I think this Golden Globe Race is a wonderful idea. Why dream of it and never do it. This is a challenge that has been created to achieve that dream.” – Sir Robin Knox-Johnston